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How long has Access Garage Doors been in operation?

Access Garage Doors began operating in 2005 when Jesse Cox, the Founder and CEO, started operating his new business from his humble apartment with an adjacent garage he rented in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His goal was to build the best local garage door company, built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and pride in quality work to achieve an unprecedented level of success. Access Garage Doors was off and running and soon became a tremendous force throughout their local market. The demand had become so great that the one location was being requested for projects all over the country. Open Doors Inc. then began development of their franchise program in order to meet the demand of their products and services. Today, the company has been established as a leader in the garage door business and continues to grow to new territories across the United States.

Is Access Garage Doors a franchise?

Yes, Access Garage Doors is a franchise system. Open Doors Inc. is the franchisor, and there are franchisees across the United States who are considered independent business owners.

How much does an Access Garage Doors franchise cost?

Access Garage Doors has a franchise fee of up to $15,000, with a total initial investment range of $49,995 (start from home) to $99,555.

How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

The royalty fees are 4% your first year, 4.5% in your second year, and max out at 5% for your third year and thereafter. The system advertising fee is 0.5%.

Are there franchise opportunities near me?

We are always expanding into new markets and might have a new or even an established service area available near you. Contact us for more information.  Access Garage Doors is currently not registered in all states. Please refer to our locations page to see if opportunities exist near you.

Does Access Garage Doors offer a veteran discount?

Yes! Access Garage Doors offers veterans 20% off the franchise fee.

Do I need real estate and a dedicated store for this franchise model?

No, Access Garage Doors is a low-investment business with a start-from-home option. The start-from-home model allows for simplicity, minimal overhead, and maximum profit. Each franchise is awarded a protected territory among Access Garage Doors franchise owners.

How do I expand my Access Garage Doors franchise?

Access Garage Doors has several resources to help grow your business. With these resources, combined with marketing efforts and good business practices, the demand for services will continue to increase.

For those who want to expand their territories, Access Garage Doors offers a 50% discount for franchise fees associated with additional protected territories.

What is provided for training and ongoing support?

Our hands-on training is provided and includes everything you need to be an expert in our field. Over the course of our 10-day training program, you will master the ins and outs of administration, marketing, sales and production. All estimated expenses associated with training are included in the startup cost.

Training begins at our headquarters located in Hixson, TN and covers the foundations of building a successful franchise. From there, you will move on to hands-on training, where you will learn the fundamentals of working on real-life job situations under supervision and guidance of expert-level trainers.

Once you’ve started your Access Garage Doors business, continuous support is provided in the form of regular calls, webinars, meetings, and field support. Resources will always be available for you to help take your business to the next level.

Is there franchise marketing support?

Franchise owners receive a variety of marketing support to help promote their business. Their provided website and search engine optimization (SEO) will help drive new customers to their business. Franchise owners have exclusive access to marketing techniques and proven results, providing them with a template to choose how they would like to invest in marketing for their business. Our marketing launch plan will help to ensure your business takes off properly.

Are you SBA registered?

Yes! The U.S. Small Business Administration was created through the Small Business Act of 1958. Since then, the SBA has delivered a variety of resources, including financial support, contracts, training, and counseling sessions to assist small businesses, including franchises.

Where can I apply to be considered as the newest Access Garage Doors franchise owner?

The first step is to simply send us an inquiry. We will contact you immediately, provide you with preliminary information and have a discussion with you to answer your questions in order to determine if this opportunity is the right fit for you. One simple conversation may open up some pretty big doors of opportunity. You may then have the opportunity to move on to the application process. After the application process, we will then begin the education process.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Does Access Garage Doors offer Financial Assistance?
We do not offer financing. Business financing will need to be acquired through a third-party lender.
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